While doing my work I saved myself from madness, I’m a shaman
 entering to different worlds I free my mind and I can be myself.


Mark Perez Ortiz is Venezuelan and US Citizen experimental artist based in Houston Texas and born the December eleven of nineteen eighty two. After moving through many different styles. He decided to create his own signature after noticing that the deconstruction of
images and the mixtures of them in a computer can transmit unconsciously an idea that can go further than the simple comprehension of human feeling creating an idea that can go further than words.

Key ideas

Express feeling by being influenced by photography and how it can affect the artwork

Being in command by his Inner-self, in order to obtain more mature and transcendental ideas.

Unify the primitive and spontaneous artistic method and mixing with the effect and mathematical perfection computer nowadays offers.

Work harder until obtaining something he can feel as perfect, his work includes, abstract images in which the mind can see movement in the static image.